Thursday, August 2, 2007

8/2: Houston

We flew from Quito to Houston yesterday. The flight was nice, as would be expected for flying first-class. It gets there at the same time as coach class, but the seats are comfier, there's no battling for overhead space, and we got a three-course breakfast. Faye had a margarita, never mind that it was before lunchtime. It's evening somewhere, right?

Houston is a highlight for us because Faye's older sister, Candace, lives here with her family. The Ball Family is busy and fun. They have two boys and one sweet little girl. We'll stay here until Saturday, when we fly to Portland.

In the meantime, I have some things to fax and mail, and we also bought a prepaid cell phone so we can contact people. That'll help as we look for an apartment and Faye looks for a job in the medical field.

Today Faye has been playing a lot of Sorry!, among other things.

Welcome back.
Hi! Seems like forever since we last saw you in Cartagena. What an adventure you've been on! We just want to say hi and good luck with jobs and apartment and stuff :)/Amanda & Richard (back in the rat race)
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