Friday, August 3, 2007

Picture Post: Houston: The Ball Family

Here's our family in Houston- little Ashley is such a doll.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

8/2: Houston

We flew from Quito to Houston yesterday. The flight was nice, as would be expected for flying first-class. It gets there at the same time as coach class, but the seats are comfier, there's no battling for overhead space, and we got a three-course breakfast. Faye had a margarita, never mind that it was before lunchtime. It's evening somewhere, right?

Houston is a highlight for us because Faye's older sister, Candace, lives here with her family. The Ball Family is busy and fun. They have two boys and one sweet little girl. We'll stay here until Saturday, when we fly to Portland.

In the meantime, I have some things to fax and mail, and we also bought a prepaid cell phone so we can contact people. That'll help as we look for an apartment and Faye looks for a job in the medical field.

Today Faye has been playing a lot of Sorry!, among other things.

Picture Post: Ecuador


Tulcán to Quito

Otovalo to Quito via San Jose de Minas


Quito: Teleferiqo

Quito: Mitad del Mundo (Equator crossing)

Quito: Quito Viejo (Old Quito)

Quito: Fruit

Quito: Children International

Quito: Monica

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

7/29: Done volunteering & last souvenir shopping (Faye posting)

*Faye posting*

Had my last day of volunteering on Thursday. Everything went well and I had a great time at the clinic these past few weeks.

There was an interesting case of a boy that had Ichthyosis vulgaris (fish scale disease) that appeared on his abdomen. It is a congenital disease and was very interesting to see - the skin was somewhat scaly, but didn't look a lot different from very very dry skin.

I got more pictures at the clinic, and ended getting totally mobbed by kids in the picture with me. It was really cute. I am sad to be done there - it has been a really good experience for me and I am really glad I did this.
Ted and I did a last souvenir shopping trip yesterday and got some cool things. I bought a leather jacket - it was rather an impulse buy, but I really like it and the prices are good here. We got some gifts for family & friends and enjoyed the day out. We stopped by the South American Explorer's Club since we are still waiting for a package from the States to arrive. The new manager there is really with it and cool and will let us know if it ever shows up. It's not a big deal but we wanted to give them a heads up on it so it isn't a problem if/when it comes.

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